Xiaomi Multi-function Flashlight Black


The Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight features a 1000lm main light with an ultra-long lighting range of up to 240m. The brightness of the master light is adjustable at high, medium, and low levels to suit different lighting situations. Its ultra-long range allows it to penetrate darkness and illuminate distant areas at night. It also features a side flashing red/fog light for emergency signals such as SOS or alerting people to be cautious. The rotatable mode adjustment ring allows you to easily switch between the two light sources so you can switch between the main master light mode and the emergency side light mode. To top it all off its 3100mAh large-capacity lithium battery can give you up to 90 hours of ultra-long battery life.

Brand : XIAOMI


  • 1000 lm Main light
  • Magnetic Fixation
  • Multi-Function Side Light
  • Window Breaker & Seat Belt Cutter
  • Ultra Long Lighting Range up to 240m
  • Large Capacity Lithium Battery
  • Long Battery Life

Xiaomi Multi-function Flashlight Black

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